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How to Teach a Cookie Class

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So you want to teach a cookie decorating class & don’t know where to start? I got you covered! Come learn how I sell out of classes of 20-50 people every month! You will make your money back from your investment into this course in one single cookie class! I will teach you how I was able to create a reliable source of income teaching cookie classes, allowing me to leave my 9-5 job & take my cookie business full time. Yes- it’s really possible to make your cookie dreams a reality w/ cookie classes! Here’s what you’ll learn in this resource: -how to promote classes -digital marketing strategies -how to design classes -pricing -choosing a venue -class setup & equipment -class prep -class structure -& so much more! Including over 30 minutes of video tutorials, checklists, planners, resources used in each of my classes & links to purchase everything mentioned in this course! This resource includes a 38 page ebook of my tips, tricks & recommendations to help you run a successful cookie decorating class- because that truly is my goal. Teaching others brings me so much joy, & it is my honor to help you grow your business. And here’s the thing- you will never lose access to this resource! As cookie classes continue to evolve & new information is added to the course, you will continue to have unlimited access without any additional payments! So let's get started- sign up today and get ready to take your cookie business to the next level!

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