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Royal Icing 101: Consistencies Overview

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Struggling with your royal icing consistencies? You're not alone! This is most common struggle people face when it comes to decorating cookies. Mastering consistencies will be one of the most crucial parts of your cookie decorating journey, and I'd love to help you achieve this! In this tutorial, we will go over the 3 most common royal icing consistencies used for cookie decorating: stiff consistency, outline consistency and flood consistency. You will be provided with downloadable PDFs for my personal royal icing recipe and a written description of each icing consistency reviewed in the video tutorial. You will also have unlimited, lifetime access to this class and may refer to all of the course resources through my website at anytime once enrolled. I am also available to help answer any questions students may have along the way! This class is a $25 value for the sale price of $16! Class includes: -Hartwork Cookie Co. Royal Icing Recipe -Written description of 3 different icing consistencies (stiff, outline and flood consistencies) -Video tutorial demonstrating 3 different icing consistencies. *Everything included in this class is covered in my online Valentine's Day course, as well. *Este curso electrónico también está disponible en español. Todas las traducciones se generaron con Google Translate. *All sales are final. Refunds can’t be processed once enrolled in class.

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