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Meet the Baker

Welcome to
Hartwork Cookie Co!

My name is Jessica Brainsky, owner of Hartwork Cookie Co. I started this business in summer of 2020. After 3 years of balancing cookies with my full time job in education as a school guidance counselor, I have decided to hang up my counseling hat and tie on the apron to go all in with full time cookies... I couldn't be more excited! 

Hartwork had grown to a point in which I could no longer balance both roles. I eat, sleep, dream and breathe cookies- they're literally on my mind 24/7, but I also love being in the classroom and teaching! When I started teaching cookie decorating classes, I realized I didn't have to choose; I could incorporate my love for both into cookies through this business! Once I discovered this, I knew cookies were a viable option for me to be able to blend all of my passions into one. I cannot wait for this new chapter and am incredibly eager to have the opportunity to put my entire focus into Hartwork Cookie Co. Getting to be creative and share my joy with others through cookies full time is truly a dream come true!

So come July 1st, Hartwork will be much more available for custom orders, classes and more! I truly look forward to adding some cookie joy to your life in the near future and am grateful for all of the support that has allowed me to get to this point. To anyone who has ever purchased something from me or simply spread the word, you play a big part in why I have been able to take this leap. So thank you!


In August, I had the honor of being interviewed by News 12 for their "Made in Connecticut" series. Watch the feature below!

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