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Complete the form below for a quote!

-Limited availability for February 2024.   Fully booked through January 2023.
-No shipping available

Please review the                     to determine the budget you would like me to stay within for your order.  There are 3 tiers for pricing (CLASSIC=starting at $70/dozen, DETAILED=starting at $85/dozen, ELABORATE=starting at $100/dozen. PRINTED ORDERS=starting at $65/dozen). 2 dozen minimum on all custom orders, excluding gift sets (minimum of 5 gift sets required to purchase). Once your request is received, please expect to hear from me via email to discuss design and cost.

*Please note- I do not recreate copyrighted images in custom orders. 


Orders are not processed and added to my calendar without full payment of invoice. Order submitted less than 1 week prior to pickup date are subject to a 25% rush fee.


Thank you, and I look forward to creating edible art for your event!

No delivery/shipping. Hartwork Cookie Co. is located in Stratford, CT.

Cookies are made in a licensed residential kitchen, which processes common food allergens, including tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, shell fish, fish and soy. 

2 dozen minimum for custom cookies. If you are requesting gift sets, minimum of 5 is needed to order.

Please review pricing before placing your order

Cookies are made in a kitchen that is NOT gluten free. Tools are cleaned thoroughly in between uses, but there is a possibility for cross contamination. If you require gluten free products for medical reasons, please see a bakery that specializes in gluten free baked goods.

Upload Inspo 1 (no photos of other cookie artists' work)
Upload Inspo 2 (no photos of other cookie artists' work)

The more info you provide here, the better! I require creative freedom for orders. If you have an invitation or inspo photo you would like me to review, please upload those here. Please, do not send photos of other cookie artists' work as inspo. I do not create character cookies or other copyrighted images. Thank you!

-Limited availability for February 2024.  Fully booked through January 2024.

Thanks for submitting!

You will receive an email shortly to confirm availability and discuss order details.

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